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Inspired By The Stars


A Monoceros Multimedia production featuring original music by Ceros Princeps. 

"Hope's Touch - A Musical Short" 

Starring Linda Van Vliet, introducing Ava Pearl Kuehner, and Whitney Swinford is Mermaid Giselle.  

Songs "Floating Outside" and "Space Walk" are available on iTunes!   

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Sound Vibrations

A Star Is Born

Stars Collide

In creating original soundtrack music for video projects, Ceros Princeps was born. Still with the thought of creating moods for all the layers of the universe, Ceros Princeps began creating music for the soundtrack of life in the stars. 

Gases Expand

Ceros Princeps began releasing single songs on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more. Then, he set his sites on creating a concept soundtrack album.

"Shooting For The Stars", was released in January, 2019 and available on iTunes, Amazon, and more.  It follows an explorer of time and space as he travels into the unknown. 

Now, the first musical short, featuring  the original soundtrack music of Ceros Princeps, is out and features two tunes, one from "Shooting For The Stars" titled 'Floating Outside', and the other, a single release, titled 'Space Walk'.   both songs are available on iTunes. The video can be seen in the section above. Enjoy! 

Star Shines

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