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Original Soundtrack Music & Sound Effects

Original soundtrack music by Monoceros Multimedia

Not only can Monoceros Multimedia shoot and edit your video, but we can also create original music and sound effects. Check out some of our original soundtrack music here on Sound Cloud (Like something? See below for details, or contact us, and we'd be more than happy to work with you!) 

Like What You Hear?

Songs On Soundcloud

If there is a song you hear in the Soundcloud player, contact me and I can send you the file. Please remember to credit me in your work. 

I'm Unable To Add Credits But Really Dig A Tune

No worries! For things like Ads where a credit section may not be available, you can still use our music, but you must buy a Standard License. Costs for a standard license are: 1 Song $25, 2 Songs $20 each,  or 3 or more songs $15 each. Contact me with the song titles. We will respond with a PayPal link, then the file(s) and license(s). 

Can You Do An Original Soundtrack For My Project?

Heck yeah! Bring it on! Contact me so we can connect and discuss your project .... what mood are you looking for? Length of the project? How many songs? We like this stuff and want to help make your project shine!  

Sample Downloads

Here are some soundtrack tunes to get you started ... remember to credit as described above. 

  • "Song of Joy" is a happy little jig that will make you smile ... making it of course a song of joy 
  • "Rock Cello" was used in the end credits of "Detestable Practices" and basically features a driving drum part behind a dramatic cello piece
  • "Wistful Hope" is just that ... a light and airy tune which builds into a crescendo, then comes back down to a simple, light feel 

Wistful Hope (m4a)


Song of joy (m4a)


Rock_Cello_Rev1 (m4a)